oaky creek

Oaky Creek Coal Mine

At remote mine sites like Oaky Creek, it can be difficult to get firefighting equipment onto location at the time of an emergency and often by the time an emergency crew with a firefighting appliance arrives, it is too late.

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Kaipaki Berries

Jay operates a 10 hectare hydroponic tunnel site producing strawberries, raspberries and blackberries in the Waikato. Water is imperative to their operation.

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South Island Vineyard

The Bays are reliant on the Southern Valleys Irrigation Scheme to irrigate their vineyard and they are well aware of the unreliability of rainfall on the east coast.

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Ngaere Dairy Farm

With his TRC consent due to run out in 2028, Glenn says he thought he would be proactive and do something about getting a new holding space for holding farm effluent.

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