A Smarter Liquid & Effluent Management Solution

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Liquid Storage Applications

Flexibladder offers a comprehensive range of products covering a wide range of applications. A specific material is used for each application, guaranteeing the characteristics of the storage over a long period.

Moving Australia's Liquid Storage Management into the Future

Flexibladder's are manufactured in France by Labaronne Citaf and are installed worldwide, serving Armed Forces, International Humanitarian Organizations, Communities, Agriculture, Industry & Construction and Environment.
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Effluent Management is About to Change.

Flexibladder is leading the way in creating new systems to help farmers manage their effluent in a sustainable way.
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Giving Back to the Planet.

Flexibladder is now working closely with partners to produce renewable energy from effluent waste.

The perfect solution for fluid storage in mining, construction, and industry

Made in France. World leader in bladder tanks since 1958.

Flexibladder's are manufactured in France by Labaronne Citaf who have been manufacturing the flexible tank since 1958 and provide a solution for the storage of many types of liquid.

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Manufacturer’s Warranty

Full 10 year warranty for textile and manufacture.


Storage Capacity

Our tanks can store from 25,000 litres to 2,000,000 litres of liquid matter, with option for multiple tanks