Our flexible tanks designed for the storage of effluents, whether they are used to store agricultural and viticultural effluents or to store industrial effluents, mean that agricultural and industrial waste are not discharged into a natural environment, thereby preventing runoff and infiltration of this waste in the soil.

Our storage tanks can be connected to a brewing system or equipped with a gas collector, allowing the capture of biogas from anaerobic fermentation of methanogenic effluents.

Is your Dairy Farm Effluent and Water Storage under control or is it controlling you?

Manufactured from a multi layered, rip-stop, technical fabric with a tensile strength of 450kg per 5cm.
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No more smell

As the effluent storage tanks are enclosed with no air exposure their is minimal odour

No crusting

No crusting occurs as there is no air exposure

Quick and easy

Quick, easy, self installation


No security fencing is required around tank, just a normal stock fence

Bladder Tanks range from 100m3 to 2000m3

Watch our partners in New Zealand

Flexitanks NZ and Flexibladder look forward to making strides in the Australian dairy effluent market.

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