Recommendations for preparing the platform of your flexible tank

  • Make sure your level platform area fits the dimensions of your tank and add 500mm to 1000mm extra on all four sides.
  • A flat horizontal surface is very important.  The platform must be levelled with a Laser so the tank will be balanced and not put the fabric under excessive strain.
  • The platform should save 100mm at least of fine pit sand on top and be clean and stable without any rough/sharp material which may damage the tank over time.
  • Make sure your compaction rate is +/-2 tonne/m2 as the platform must be able to support the weight of the tank without causing it to sag or deteriorate.
  • If your compaction rate is not easily achievable LABARONNE, (the tank manufacturer), recommend a 300mm bed of gravel first to ensure the stability of the platform with 100mm of fine sand on top.
  • If using gravel and sand, the use of a Geotech cloth layer is highly recommended between gravel and sand layers to keep them separated.
  • An anti-puncture mat/groundsheet is also an option to place on top of your sand layer and under the tank for extra durability.  These can also be purchased from FlexiBladder Australia.
  • All connections to the tank which are above ground should use flexible hoses with a minimum of 3m in length as this allows the valves to go up and down with the amount of liquid stored in the tank at the time.
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Platform preparation is VITAL to the longevity, warranty, and efficiency of your Flexible Tank.

Please discuss your tank installation requirements with your local Flexibladder representative who will be able to advise you on the best preparation and installation for your ground type and topography.

Pad Prep Step by Step