The Advantages of Flexible Storage Tanks

Thanks to the know-how we have been applying for over 60 years, the Labaronne-Citaf flexible tanks offers many benefits:

  • Prevents the evaporation of liquids contained in the tank
  • Avoids external contamination of liquids or the development of algae inside the tank
  • Safety guaranteed by eliminating the risk of falling and drowning, which is still possible with an open solution
  • More economical solution than hard or underground storage
  • Limited maintenance
  • Very strong and built to last (more than 20 years)
  • Quick installation
  • With no need for a building permit
  • Manufactured in France (100% Made in France)
  • Integrated design department to best adapt our products to your expectations

Flexibladder's are built to last!

Flexibladders are UV stabilised for maximum lifespan - 1400 g/m2 - 100% recyclable.
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10 Year Guarantee

100% Warranty against all material (technical fabric) and manufacture (welding) defects.

Designed for durability from top to bottom

All valves and vents are double layered for extra strength and durability.


No evaporation
Durable and strong
High lifespan (even in severe weather conditions)
Storage Capacity up to 2000 m3
Closed storage, no oxidation, no external contamination, low maintenance
Safe, no risk of people falling in

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